Our Experience

Our Experience Providing Business or Company Set-up in Indonesia

Since 2009 we have experience and have been providing to set up their legal entity in Indonesia. Our service include legal entity setups (foreign direct invenstment / PMA), arranging documents, advising shareholder aggrements, dealing with acquisition. We also provide services for business license and working permit.

Starting 2019, Apco collaborate with lawyer who expertise in tax  field and also partner who expertise in tax and accounting.

Our partners in Apco have experience in acquisition, shareholder arrangement, and also liquidation. We have serve clients toward acquisition and providing legal documents needed in these legal action.

Apco also provide legal services in IP (Intellectual Property) Law.  Our  IP Consultant are registered consultant to provide trademark and patent filling in Indonesia territory.


Our Strategy

We’re proud that our law firm offers top-notch legal services for a nationwide affordable pricing! With us you’ll never feel like the lawyers are just robbers in suits, besides, we win 98% of all cases. So with us, your chances of winning are as high as they possibly can be!



We are devoted to providing the legal profession reasonably priced, professional and court room experience attorneys in all types of civil cases.



We can provide qualified and experienced attorneys to you upon short notice for almost any court appearance, both civil and criminal.



We can find attorneys to handle depositions, inspections, trials and who can even help you write your documentation.

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