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Good marketing plan is crucial for businessmen who want to develop their businesses. This service includes marketing research, analysis and creating marketing plan where you will see all the directions where to lead your business and which goods and services it’s more profitable to produce. We will show you how to decrease your expenses, find distribution channels and give advice about price policy.

Marketing plan is able to boost your business and make it profitable with minimal costs. This plan requires fresh view at the market, product and competitors, and the right decisions.

Some say the marketing plan is dead: the world just moves too fast. Just throw stuff out there; it will all work out. Successful business owners know their good customers, their bad customers, and their mediocre customers. They know more about their competitors than their competitors know about themselves. They never stop gathering information that will help them succeed in the marketplace. They use this information to reach new customers, retain existing customers, and grow their overall customer base.

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Prosedur dan persyaratan pendirian dan perizinan perusahaan makin dipermudah. Pemerintah telah mengeluarkan Perpres No. 91 Tahun 2017 tentang Percepatan Pelaksanaan Berusaha yang salah satunya menekankan bahwa sebagai bagian dari reformasi perizinan berusaha, Pemerintah daerah didorong untuk menerapkan teknologi informasi onlien untuk pelaksanaan perizinan berusaha. 

Beberapa terobosan oleh Pemerintah untuk mempermudah prosedur pendirian PT dan perizinan lainnya antara lain : 

  1. Proses NPWP digabungkan dengan pengesahan Akta Pendirian PT di Sistem AHU Online yang diproses oleh notaris. Jadi pada saat Akta Pendirian disahkan oleh Menteri Hukum dan HAM RI maka AHU Online akan memunculkan secara otomatis nomor NPWP Perusahaan. Ada kemungkinan proses otomasi ini gagal dan perusahaan harus melakukan secara manual.
  2. Surat Keterangan Domisili Usaha tidak lagi diperlukan (SKDU) –  wilayah Jakarta . Untuk artike detilnya sudah ada diulas di halaman lain APCO, bisa di cek. 
  3. Virtual Office dapat digunakan sebagai alamat perusahaan juga  merupakan terobosan dari PTSP  DKI Jakarta untuk penerbitan izin seperti SIUP dan TDP (sekarang NIB). Namun perlu di ingat, perusahaan perlu melakukan konsultasi terlebih dahulu untuk jenis-jenis usaha yang akan dilaksanakan, karena tidak semua jenis usaha dapat dijalankan dengan menggunakan alamat virtual office.  Umumnya,   untuk bidang usaha perdagangan dapat menggunakan Virtual Office sebagai alamat perusahaan.                                                                                                          APCO sampai saat ini masih mencari rekanan Virtual Office yang dapat digunakan oleh calon klien pada sebagai alamat perusahaan. Jika ada informasi yang dapat disampaikan untuk virtual office, surat penawaran dapat dikirimkan ke : info.apco.consulting@gmail.com 


New Mechanism for Company /PMA Establishment Based on New Regulation PP No.24 Year 2018




Indonesia offers great opportunities for foreign investor through incorporation a Foreign Direct Investment  (PMA Company / Penanaman Modal Asing) . Company incorporation allows investor to run commercial activites, full – scale operations, earning revenue, acquiring land and obtaining work permit.


We help clients who intends to establish a company in Indonesia and to obtain their legal permit so they can conduct commercial activities in Indonesia.

1. Based on the above pictures (source: BKPM), the business owner or investor should form a company by signing the Establishment Deed of Company  before the notary public in Indonesia.

Business owner or investor should inform and define the business activities and also the structure of the company (shareholders, Board of Directors and Commissioners, structure capital).

Regulation from BKPM, investors should invest above USD 1 million or refers to IDR 10 billion for their investment plan with the minimum paid-up capital of USD 250,000 (IDR 2.5 billion).

2.After the investor define the above in their deed of establishment, then the notary will process for ratification from The Minister of Law and Human Rights of The Republic of Indonesia (KUMHAM) and obtain the “SK Pengesahan” (Minister of Law Approval for Coompany Establishment)

3.After the Approval from KUMHAM, the next process should be the registration of Business Activities in OSS (Online Single Submission) to obtain Operational License, Commercial license and other related license

The Procedure and time line of Setting Up A Foreign Owned Company in Indonesia

Procedure Government Instance Period
Company name Approval(should consist 3 words) Ministry of Law and Human Rights 1 day
Article of Association (Akta Notaris)In this phase, Investor should define the Line of Business of the Company in accordance to KBLI 2017 Notary 2-3 days
Approval for Company Establishment (SK Pengesahan) from Minister of Law and Human Rights The Ministry of Law and Human Rights 2 days
Tax Number Registration (NPWP) of the Company Tax Office 1-2 days
NIB / Nomor Induk Berusaha (Principle License Number) BKPM / OSS 3-4 days

Shall you need any information, please email us at :  contact@apco-consulting.com


Sudahkah Perusahaan Anda melakukan “Kewajiban Pengisian Data Pemilik Manfaat Korporasi / Beneficial Ownership” ? 

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